An A-2-z On Swift Systems Of New York Times

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Tesfatsion: I agree, but theyve made a few stopgap signings in an attempt to address the problem at just about every position except the defensive line which still lacks depth and an impact player. Id argue its unreasonable to think a rookie can make an immediate impact along the defensive line. There are rare exceptions, such as Joey Bosa, but theres a reason he was picked third overall last year. It typically takes time for a defensive linemen to wreak havoc in the NFL. Jones: Right, but this isnt about a one-year fix. I see the signings of defensive linemen Stacy McGee and Terrell McClain and inside linebacker Zach Brown as space-holders. Im drafting defensive linemen and an inside linebacker to groom to take over for each of those guys. I can live with passing on a defensive lineman in the first round. But Id grab an inside linebacker such as Reuben Foster or Haason Reddick at 17 overall before I take a running back.

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