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"I'm not a most popular shopping sites quitter," he declared ahead of a confidence vote by his MPs. By 7pm he was gone. The disgraced US president first uttered the phrase in a speech in 1952, when he denied accusations he had abused a political expenses fund, in a groundbreaking televised address. It worked - and he was able to keep his place as Eisenhower's running mate. He reached for it again 22 years later in another televised speech, announcing online clothes shopping websites his resignation as president over the Watergate scandal. "I've never been a quitter," he told the American people, before proving himself wrong. "George is not a quitter. Nobody is going to back him into a corner," Mr Osborne's constituency agent told the Daily Mirror on the Sunday after the EU referendum. Theresa May didn't seem overly concerned about Mr Osborne's proud non-quitter status, however, and promptly fired him as chancellor. He stood down as Tatton MP 10 months after that. "Brits don't quit - we get involved, we take a lead, we make a difference, we get best online shopping websites things done," said David Cameron in the run-up to June 2016's EU referendum.