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He was foreign secretary under David Cameron from 2014 to 2016, having previously served as defence secretary and transport secretary. Mr Hammond, 61, is seen at Westminster as the ultimate safe pair of hands steering Britain's economy through the post-Brexit period ahead. Sometimes mocked as "box office Phil" for what some see as his dull delivery, he forged a reputation in the shadow Treasury team as the Tories' public spending "axeman". No change at the Foreign Office as Boris Johnson keeps his job. Despite hints from some of the newspapers that Mr Johnson, 52, may turn his hand to trying to lead the party, he has categorically dismissed such claims. Mr Johnson said that while the public would be wondering about the future of the current government, Mrs May had got the biggest Conservative mandate anyone had achieved for decades. "I'm going to be backing her, and absolutely everybody I'm talking to is going to be backing her as well." Amber Rudd remains as home secretary despite only narrowly holding her seat as MP for Hastings and Rye. During the election campaign, she stood in for the PM in the BBC's televised debate in May. Ms Rudd was previously energy and climate change good secretary, a position she held for just one year. The former investment banker, venture capitalist and financial journalist, aged 53, decided to enter politics in her 40s in order to get "a grip on her life".

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Walmart drops the stores from its name in a bid for more online cred

Walmart drops the “stores” from its name in a bid for more online cred In its ongoing pursuit of Amazon-level online dominance, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has made a bold decision. No, it’s not going to start paying its employees a higher wage or stop selling guns. It is getting rid of the word “Stores” in its legal name and ditching that pesky hyphen. (Stylistically, it ditched the online shopping essay hyphen years ago.) According to  Reuters , that the name change “highlights the company’s online, pickup and delivery and mobile shopping capabilities.” In other words, Walmart doesn’t want its name to evoke the brick-and-mortar façade that it’s trying to shake off. It would rather online shoppers start thinking of it as the destination for all their online shopping needs. Throw in a few shelf-scanning robots , integration with Facebook’s Workplace , a couple of hip dotcoms , and direct-to-fridge food deliveries , and who knows? There might be hope. ML

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